Jordan Spieth will still win the Masters

We saw a much more human-like Jordan Spieth today, which leaves the door open for a possible come from behind victory from Phil, Rose, or Hoffman, but it’s not going to happen.

Spieth had 3 bogeys and a double today (his first of the tournamnet), but he also birdied 4 of his last 7 holes.  Sure, he’s been in the final group before and lost, but he’s also been in the final group before and lost.  He already has that experience under his belt and plenty of winning experience since. He hasn’t shown any sign of a potential mental hiccup (he’s parred every hole after a bogey and birdied the next hole after his double).  If he was playing with Phil, I might say he could have a hint of intimidation heading into Sunday, but with no disrespect to Justin Rose, he’s no Phil.

I don’t see Spieth playing out of his mind tomorrow like he did on Thursday and Friday and running away with it. I expect at least one of the 3 to challenge him, most likely Phil, but this is Spieth’s tournament. I guarantee he’ll make some clutch shots down the stretch and be able to pull away. He shows maturity beyond his years and it’s his time to take the first step in trying to become that ever elusive “next Tiger.”

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