What’s In the Bag 2015

Well, I got to play a few times when I was in Myrtle Beach a couple of weeks ago, but I’m finally going out up here in northern NY tomorrow morning for the first time this year. So, I figured I’d post my WITB.

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So obviously, I still have some updating to do, first of which would be a new driver. I just can’t seem to find anything that I’m as confident and consistent with. I’ll be trying out the new products in a couple weeks and hopefully I’ll be able to find something then. My RBZ 3 wood is my first TaylorMade club I’ve ever had. I’ve always been a Callaway guy, but I hit that a couple times and fell in love. That thing is crazy long. The hybrid has become my go to club. I had trouble hitting hybrids for awhile, but this one is so easy to hit and the way it looks at address just makes me confident that I’ll make a good shot. After my driver, irons are next on the upgrade list. I’ve had the same problem with them as my driver. I can hit a nice little draw with every shot. The problem is, I hit a nice little draw on every shot. It’s very hard to work the ball with them, especially left to right. Every iron I’ve tried to replace them with, that has a little more wokability, is less forgiving and I hit more bad shots than I do with my current ones. I need to find an iron with the perfect balance. Wedges need an upgrade too, but not as immediately. They’re nice, but they’re no Vokeys. My putter is my favorite club in my bag. It rolls better than any putter I’ve ever tried, including Scottys. Well, the Scottys roll just as well, but the #9 suits my eye better. And there it is. My WITB for the year. I’ll update with reviews of clubs I try and obviously my additions to my bag. Here’s hoping they have a good year!

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